Match Report: u8 Valiants

Match Report 22-09-2019 – Junior Reds Valiants v AFC Shortlands Greens

League game 2 found us facing AFC Shortlands Greens – a team who played last year, and admitted they had players who had been playing for a couple of years, it was going to be tough.

There was an outstanding performance from a certain individual straight from the first whistle, his eyes on the ball at all times, making the right decisions, and never missing a single tackle. But that’s enough about the referee, let’s talk about the boys and the game!

As I was referee for this game, my match analysis may not be as precise as last weeks, so please bear with me!

James wore the captain’s armband this week, and proved to be a solid captain for the day. The game was divided into 4 × 10min quarters as it was last week, and again after the first 10mins, the score stood at 0-0, with good intelligent defending helping keep the sheet clean.

But like last week, the following quarters saw the opposition step up a gear, and combined with some substandard marking on JRVs behalf, AFCSG began to put some goals away.

This is not to say this was a bad performance by Junior Reds, there were moments of EXCELLENT defending and marking up, and goalkeeping. And not forgetting also the goal by Ose – a brave one on one with the goalkeeper, not long after hitting the post himself!

Players quick assessments:

Captain Man of the Match James: James yet again stepped up from previous weeks, being outstanding in marking players, tackling, and ‘jockeying’ as taught in Saturdays training. There was no doubt when the final whistle blew who was man of the match this week.

Sonny: Sonny started as a sub and was eager to get a start and go on the pitch… when Sonny’s time come to go on in midfield he stuck to position feeding the ball forward and dropping back into a defensive role without any hesitation… Sonny took a nasty knock in the last quarter and believe me I didn’t wanna make the change but I had to take him off so he could rest that leg for next week! fantastic effort this week sonny you did an amazing job!

Bradley: Bradley is becoming quite a rock in defence, using his vision of the game to make vital interceptions and move the ball forward. And at times I heard him shouting at his defence – excellent stuff Bradley!

Thomas: Some breathtaking amazing decisions and saves from Thomas again this week, including a few one on ones – fantastic play!!!

Alfie: As strong as ever in defence, but I know he likes to go up front occasionally, as he did this week and was unlucky not to get a goal – keep it up!

Ose: Showed strength and bravery to both hit the post and score our goal. Good positioning and movement on the ball too!

Jesses: Worked hard to find attacking opportunities, and was unlucky not to score another to add to last weeks goal – well done and keep focused!

Teddy: Not many strikers can get past Teddy, and again, after tackling a player, shows he can start moving the ball up the wing!

So, we look forward to next weekend, where hopefully the experience the boys are gaining – AND SOME MARKING UP TRAINING SATURDAY! – Will lead to the boy’s performance as a team to grow and become more solid.