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Jack Petchey Award

Jack Petchey - New logoClive Hall-Strutt our Jack Petchey co-ordinator summarises our 15-16 season

“This has been a very successful season for the scheme with nine monthly winners and one Team Leader all receiving certificates and medallions in recognition of their efforts. It just goes to show how many good young people we have working away behind the scenes at Junior Reds. The good news is that we have been given these awards to cover at least the first three months of next season so if you know of anyone at the club between the ages of 11 and 25 who are worthy of being  an award winner please get in touch by e mail with a reason at clive.hall-strutt@juniorredsfc.com.

I would like to close by thanking the Jack Petchey Foundation for all the excellent work they do in encouraging young people to shine out and help their communities.” (see www.jackpetcheyfoundation.org.uk)

Jack Petchey Girls Award  – Feb 2019

Maddison (U12 Girls)

The winner Jack Petchey Achievement Award for February 2019 is Maddison from our Girls U12.

Coach Phil Wilson says

“I would like to Nominate my Centre Forward and Captain Maddison Henderson. She has not missed 1 match or any of the 2 times a week training session. She takes the new players under her wing offering support and making them feel part of the squad immediately. She is extremely supportive to me and thrives on learning and coaching the rest of the team whenever she can. She is at the match and at training before I arrive, and I arrive 1 hour before the KO and 30 minutes before training. She helps me to set up, and stays behind after to help me take down. She has not missed any of our birthdays. She is caring and concerned when players get injured and has provided a first aid kit which she has donated to the team. She is a shining light and a great role model for the squad.”

So well done Maddison from all at Junior Reds

Jack Petchey Award  – Feb 2019

Sean (U13 Athletic)

The winner Jack Petchey Achievement Award for February 2019 is Sean from U16 Valiants

Sean has been with me for 3 years and we are his first ever team, Sean always had the ability but in the early years lacked the fitness to hold down a place in the team and only played small amounts to start with but with each season Sean has progressed incredibly and has become fitter and fitter through his own determination and is an integral part of the team and now my vice- captain.

Sean never complained when his playing time was much less and just got on with the task of improving himself but remained the most friendly likeable lad in the squad. Sean is incredibly popular with the whole squad thanks largely to his good nature and willingness to always help others around him. Sean always helps to pack up equipment at training and match days and always encourages those around him.

Sean this week along with my own son Jack have raised a concern about one their friends mental health at their school, prompting the parents to be called in and the school police officer calling me to praise both Sean and Jack. I am incredibly proud of both Sean and Jack for being so caring of their friend and dealing with this in such a mature way.

I cannot recommend Sean highly enough for a Jack Petchey award.”

Well done Sean from all at Junior Reds

 Jack Petchey Award  – Jan 2019

Gabriel (U13 Athletic)

The winner Jack Petchey Achievement Award for January 2019 is Gabriel from U13 Athletic.

Lee Selves (Manager), and Myself (Coach) wish to nominate Gabriel Alcazar for the Jack Petchey award based on the following:

1. Always courteous and trains enthusiastically without ever complaining.

2. He is respected by all his current squad friends and was voted Players player of the year last year.

3. Helps laying out and collecting training equipment on training days.

4. Developed his defensive skills and knowledge of game play year on year for past 4 years.

5. His development has enabled him to organise the defence during matches.

6. Stayed loyal to Junior Reds Athletic season 2017-18 when the team may have folded

when previous manager left, and canvassed for new players to join.

7. Quickly befriends and encourages new players.

8. Other players follow his example and has made our roles in training easier.

Well done Gabriel from all at Junior Reds FC

 Jack Petchey Award Girls – Jan 2019

Scarlett (U15 Robins)

The winner Jack Petchey Achievement Award for January 2018 is Scarlett from the Girls U15 Robins.

Coach Yusuf said

“This player has shown a brilliant attitude to training, her performances on the pitch has also been great, but, more importantly, she has been nominated for her commitment to the team. She is a permanent fixture in the team, not just because of her performances but also her attitude to training and improving. She is a strong character and the team is stronger for it.

She signed for the team last year despite knowing that she may not be able to play often due to numbers in the team. This season she got her chance in the team and hasn’t looked back since. She has also shown incredible mental resilience, having received some bad news early in the season most people would, quite rightly, take a break from football. However she has carried on playing, putting in strong performances every week.”

She is a credit to the team. She is a credit to the club. Well done Scarlett.

Well done Scarlett from all at Junior Reds FC

Jack Petchey Award Girls – Jan 2018

Chloe (U8 Girls)

The winner Jack Petchey Achievement Award for January 2018 is Chloe from the Girls U8’s.

Chloe attends each Saturday the U8’s training session, devoting her time to making her group a success. Chloe first appeared as a helper in the late Summer of 2016. Feedback from parents at a recent tournament was very positive and appreciative of her efforts in coaching the Under 8 girls. In addition Chloe helps at the Friday night primary school sessions helping to promoting girls football, which she has been doing for several months.

Well done Chloe from all at Junior Reds FC

Jack Petchey Award – Nov 2017

Daniel (U13 Sabres)

The winner of the Jack Petchey award for November 2017 is Daniel from the Junior Reds Sabres Under 13`s.

Danny the coach who nominated Daniel said : “ I would like to nominate Daniel from the under 13 Sabres. Daniel has been with us since April 2016. He captains the side to a high standard, is never late ,always listens, never gives up , always tidying up equipment and any other tasks that we request of him.”

Well done Daniel from all at Junior Reds Football Club

Jack Petchey Award Girls – Oct 2017

Amy (U16 JR Robins)

The first ever winner of the new Jack Petchey Girls award goes to Amy of the Junior Reds Robins Under 16`s.

Coach John said “ I would like to nominate Amy for the Jack Petchey award as she has been with the team from the beginning and throughout the Summer and has been keen for the team to progress even when we only had 5 or 6 players. She is always the last person to leave training, no matter how she is feeling, to help me clear up and talk about what we need to improve as a team. Amy always takes on board everything I am trying to do to make our team into a competitive squad. She is my captain and my eyes and mouth on the pitch as most of my instructions go through her which she handles very well even if she is having a bad game. I can`t thank her enough for what she brings to the team”.

Well done to Amy from all at Junior Reds

Jake Petchey Award – Oct 2017

Keola (U13 Knights)

The Jack Petchey award for October goes to Keola, the assistant coach of the U13 Knights.

Coach Naden said of Keola “ I would like to nominate our assistant coach Keola 19 years old for his outstanding commitment and contribution to coaching. He attends every Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday from Stratford, East London. He is always punctual, polite and brings amazing energy and enthusiasm. He is a young talent with complete dedication to coaching in a way that develops young people. Keola has inspired the players to achieve more, both by setting homework challenges and well planned training routines. It has been a pleasure to coach with him and I wanted him to be recognised with a Petchey award as this is the type of behaviour we want to encourage from our young coaches coming through the system.”

Well done Keola from all at Junior Reds

Jack Petchey Award – Sept 2017

Jake (U17 Valiants)

The winner of the Jack Petchey award for September is Jake from the U17 Valiants.

Coach Mark said of Jake: “Jake has played for Junior reds since the age of 6 years. Jake always attends training and is the first to help set up and tidy up. He is the first to welcome new boys to the team and help them to settle in. The only time Jake has missed a match is if he has have been injured but still turns up to support the rest of the team. Jake will often lead the warm up for the rest of the boys. Jake always gets nominated by the other players in the team for players player. He leads by example both on and off the pitch giving his all every weekend. Jake has signed up for another season which means he would have represented Junior Reds for over 11 year”.

Well done Jake from all at Junior Reds.

Jack Petchey Award – June 2017 Winner

Lewis (U9 Girls)

The winner of the Jack Petchey Award for June is Lewis from the U9 girls squad and the Saturday School.

Terry Whittley coach says of Lewis “ I would like to nominate Lewis for the award. He is 17 and helps coach the under 9 girls and also assists with the soccer school. Lewis is a very popular member of the team and a good connection between myself and the younger children. He is also refs some games and does whatever he is asked to undertake with enthusiasm.”

Congratulations and well done Lewis.

Jack Petchey Award – May 2017 Winner

Matthew (U13 Girls)

The winner of the Jack Petchey award for May 2017 is Matthew Cornish.

Mathew has assisted with the Junior Reds Girls teams throughout last season. He is diligent in providing statistical analysis of the Under 13 Girls team matches with a special award for each match. Matthew has been active in support of the Club’s initiative to form a Girls Under 16 team for next season. He is reliable and always helpful in all his tasks. Mathew is also a wider volunteer helping in Football Coaching at Longlands Primary School; the local SCOPE Charity shop in Bexleyheath and weekly at Bexleyheath Library.

Well done, Mathew, for all your good work in the Community.

Jack Petchey Award – March 2017 Winner

Dave (Senior Saturday Warriors)

The winner of the Jack Petchey award for April 2017 is Dave Kew from the Senior Saturday Warriors.

Dave was nominated for the award by his Manager Helder Ribeiro who said ” Dave turned up pre-season having never played for a team before. He has become a key player now and starts every game. Dave listens to everything that is asked of him and it tells in our defensive record. He is always one of the first to offer help, pay his subs and appreciates being part of the club. Dave is highly respected by every other member of the team.

Congratulations Dave from everyone at Junior Reds.

Jack Petchey Award – March 2017 Winner

Miko (Under 11 Sabres) 

The winner of the Jack Petchey award for March 2017 is Miko from the under 11 Sabres.

Steve Armstrong coach said “ Miko has been made captain this season and has done a wonderful job. He leads by example by being first both to training and to matches. Miko also helps clear all the equipment away after eash session. He made history with his School team with them winning the treble this season and having spoken to his coach he shows the same commitment to them as well”.

Well done Miko from all at Junior Reds

Jack Petchey Award – February 2017 Winner

Jerrel of the under 16 Athletics is February’s deserved winner of the Jack Petchey award.

Michael Puszyk said of Jerrel: “ I would like to nominate one of our players Jerrel  who has been with our team since under 14`s. Jerrel loves his football and despite having to travel from East London is an ever present at training and matches. At last week`s match at Petts Wood Jerrel had to take a tube and two buses to make the match, which shows real dedication.

He helps me out setting up and packing up at training most weeks and is a genuine pleasure to coach. Taking all this into account he has continued to improve as a player and is currently our top scorer with 18 goals in 9 matches.”

Congratulations Jerrel from all at Junior Reds

Jack Petchey Award – January 2017 Winner

Holly (Under 13 Robins) 

Congratulations to Holly, a member of the Junior Reds Under 13 Robins Girls team, for receiving the Jack Petchey award for January 2017. Team Manager Yusuf Kayalar said “Holly is always committed to training sessions and match days. She attends every game and at training is always willing to learn and try new skills to improve herself. Holly always fully encourages her team mates during matches. She is a great asset to my team and has been since day one”.

Congratulations Holly from all at Junior Reds FC

jack-petchey-dec-16Jack Petchey Award – December 2016 Winner

Ahmet (Under 13 Warriors) 

Ahmet from the U13 Warriors has been awarded the Jack Petchey Special Achievement Award for December. Ahmet was nominated by his Manager Alan Josland for his hard work in training to improve himself as a goalkeeper. Ahmet also supported the club recently at the Danson Youth Centre Play Day, using his goalkeeping skills to good effect in our popular ‘Beat the Goalie’ competition. Well done from everyone at the club.

Congratulations Ahmet from all at Junior Reds FC

jack-petchey-nov-16Jack Petchey Award – November 2016 Winner

Liam (Under 16 Warriors) 

Liam joined the Warriors five seasons ago and since then has proved to be a truly valuable member of the team.  Liam always gives of his best in training and matches, rarely missing either, and is an inspiration to the other players. He is a coaches’s dream always listening to instruction and playing wherever he is positioned on the pitch. He also has helped represent the club at several school fetes on the beat the goalie stand.

Well done Liam from all at Junior Reds.

Jack Petchey Award – October 2016 Winner

Kai (Under 12 Knights) 

Our October winner of the Jact Petchey Achievement Award is Kai (pictured here with the manager and squad).  Naden manager of the Under 12 Knights said “I’m nominating Kai for the Jack Petchey award for his outstanding attitude and sportsmanship. Junior Reds Knights U12 have struggled to find players willing to defend and in the rush for goals many players lose sight of their defensive duties. Kai is a role model for others within the team, because he consistently carries out his defensive duties and celebrates success of the team in a way which highlights his maturity.. Kai has an unwavering commitment to the team’s success. He has been the most reliable defensive player for the past two years. Strikers often get the recognition and its time we reward Kai for his outstanding contribution to our the U12 Knights. “

Well done Kai from all at Junior Reds

Jack Petchey June 16

Jack Petchey Award – June 2016 Winner

Michael Barlow (Under 11 Titans) 

Our June winner of the ‘Jack Petchey’ Achievement Award is Michael (pictured here with his players). He receives this award for his work setting up and coaching in our successful after school coaching programme, which has seen the club run football sessions in various primary schools across Bexley Borough this year.

Well done Michael from all at Junior Reds.

Jack Petchey May 16

Jack Petchey Award – May 2016 Winner

Michael McDermott (Under 11 Warriors) 

Pictured is Michael, coach of the U11 Warriors, a deserved winner of the May ‘Jack Petchey’ Achievement Award receiving his certificate from Andy Wood at Bexleyheath Academy. Clive Hall-Strutt, Club Coordinator for the scheme, said “ Michael is a worthy winner of this award. He has worked very hard gaining his coaching qualifications so that he can give his team the best quality training sessions possible. His team always look forward to his imaginative and innovative coaching sessions and have shown a marked improvement since he took over running the team,”

So well done again Michael from all at Junior Reds.

Jack Petchey April 2016

Jack Petchey Award – April 2016 Winner

Matthew (Goalkeeping Coach) 

Matthew is one of our dedicated specialist Goalkeeping Coaches and attends sessions at Bexleyheath Academy each Saturday morning. His colleague, Tony Ball, said “Matt has been a member of the Club for several years and was always a star performer between the sticks in the team he represented. We are fortunate to have the services of Matt in passing on his skills and experience to a number of our younger goalkeepers. He has an excellent rapport with the players and sets the highest standards. All our goalkeepers have greatly benefited from his Coaching skills”

Well done Matthew from all at Junior Reds a worthy winner of the Jack Petchey for April 2016.

March 2016Jack Petchey Award – March 2016 Winner

Karl (Under 9 Knights) 

Karl has been a team manager for three seasons now and deserves recognition for his dedication. He always attends training and matches promptly, setting high standards in terms of sportsmanship and organisation. Karl has always supported the club`s wider activities including the fun day at the Danson Youth Centre so well done again Karl.

Well done Karl from all at the club.

Jack Petchey Feb 2016Jack Petchey Award – February 2016 Winner

Ciara (Under 12 Junior Reds Girls) 

“Ciara has been a great team member showing enthusiasm at both training and games. She encourages others and is happy to help everyone with their development. Ciara has played up a year both this season and last, but that has never stopped her getting involved”.

Well done Ciara from all at Junior Reds a worthy winner of the Jack Petchey for February 2016.

Jack Petchey Jan 16Jack Petchey Award – January 2016 Winner

Yusaf Kayalar (Under 12 Robins Girls) 

Yusuf joined Junior Reds in the early Summer 2015 and has made a huge impact. Chairman, Clive Chivers, said “He has shown total commitment and energy in expanding the Girls section of the Football Club. He is the Manager of the U12 Robins and rapidly developed a strong rapport with his players. He provides training three times a week to his and other girls teams. He gives real practical help with other Junior Reds teams and has assisted with the new Under 9 team currently being formed. He has made a huge impact in a short space of time and this has resulted in an increase in girl members”

Congratulations Yusuf from all at the club. 

Jack Petchey Award – November 2015 Winner

Jake Langford (Under 12 Girls)

Jake was specially recognised in December for his services to Junior Reds. Jake was presented with the “Jack Petchey” award for his work with the Under 12 Girls section by Co-ordinator, Clive Hall-Strutt. Jake has been an ever present twice a week since the early Summer and assisted with the successful Danson Fun Day in August. Recently Jake qualified as one of the Club’s youngest ever Coaches. Coach Yusuf Kayalar said “Jake is a valuable member of the Girls football section. He is always reliable, punctual and gives excellent support to me in Managing the Robins. He is a pleasure to work with and a popular Coach”.

Congratulations Jake from all at the club.

Oct 2015 (Thomas)

Jack Petchey Award – October 2015 Winner

Thomas Forrest

Thomas was awarded the Jack Petchey award for the month October. Thomas has received his award for his hard and continued support for the club and is pictured above receiving his award from Clive Hall Strutt.

Congratulations Thomas from all at the club.

Sept 2015 (George)Jack Petchey Award – September 2015 Winner

George Boulton (Under 12 Spartans)

George has been awarded the Jack Petchey Achievement Award for September 2015.

Manager Alan said “George supports me in coaching the u12 Spartans squad. He is a continual inspiration for different training drills (especially the agility ladder) and the boys really respect George’s input. He also completed his refereeing course last year and has officiated a number of games last season and this. At school he has completed the First for Sport Level 2 Award for Leadership through Football. Finally George is always willing to help the club and this year he attended the Danson Fun Day were he assisted in running one of the “beat the goalie” stands. Keep up the good work George”.

Congratulations George from all at the club.

Jack Petchey Award – June 2015 Winner

James Fendick (Under 7 Valiants)

James has been awarded the Jack Petchey Achievement Award for June 2015. James has played for the Under 17 Sabres team over several years and is a true “ever present”. He is dependable and is considerate to others. James always plays to the best of his ability and displays high levels of sportsmanship.

In the Summer 2014 James volunteered to assist in Coaching the younger players in the “Saturday Soccer Club”. He is helpful to the other Coaches and has made a valuable contribution to the success of the “Saturday Soccer Club”. Lately James has been active in forming the new Under 7 Valiants team for season 2015/16.

Picture above are James, Clive Hall-Strutt (Jack Petcher Co-ordinator), Terry McGrath and his new Under 7 Valiants team. James was told his contributions and attitude had been recognised under the Jack Petchey scheme before the Under 7 Valiants started their training session at Bexleyheath Academy.

Awaiting Image

Jack Petchey Award – May 2015 Winner

Connor Sanders (Under 9 Valiants)

Connor Sanders is this months winner of the Jack Petchey Award. A volunteer who has been helping out with the Junior Reds Valiants team since it was formed at the beginning of the 2012/13 season. Connor has recently been named as assistant coach for the U9 Valliants and is also a great match day official, always acting in a very professional manner towards all teams. He is a great role model for the kids in the team and always applies himself in a positive manner. 

Jack Petchey Award – April 2015 Winner

Gus Wilkinson (Under 14 Spartans)

Gus has been a part of the Junior Reds Spartans team since January 2014 when he was signed after leaving Leeford FC.  He made an immediate impact to the team and made the right midfield position his own, featuring in all 13 games from January to the end of the season in May.  Gus has showed outstanding behaviour and a real dedication to his football in his time with the team and was a major factor in securing a solid mid table finish in the Selkent B West League and also finishing as Runners-Up in the Green Shield Final during the 2013/2014 season.After a solid pre season in August 2014, Gus unfortunately sustained a serious injury in our first friendly of the new campaign.  After a trip to the hospital it was revealed that he had damaged the ligaments in the back of his leg which would mean he would miss at least the first 6 weeks of the season. The reason that I am nominating Gus for the Jack Petchey Award is due to his outstanding commitment to the team. Week after week, and in rain or shine, Gus arrived with his Dad Paul to every game on his crutches to support his teammates that were fortunate enough to be playing.  He was on hand to encourage and congratulate his team mates for their efforts as we made a winning start to the 2014/2015 campaign. Gus returned to training in late October and made his comeback in the 2nd half of the game the following weekend against Long Lane Tigers.  Unfortunately as he took a shot shortly after coming on as a substitute, he felt the same muscle pull again and was left in a heap on the pitch as his hard work to recover from the original injury had been undone within 5 minutes of his comeback.  Gus faced a further 4 weeks out of the team but again returned every Sunday with his crutches to support the other players in the team.  After numerous visits to the hospital to see the physio, he began light training again with the team on a Friday evening and finally made his full recovery to the team in January 2015 against Orpington FC. Gus has shown outstanding commitment to the team by turning up week after week and I believe that from this he is a not only a valued member of the Spartans team but of the Club as a whole.  He has displayed the ‘Junior Reds spirit’ during difficult and frustrating times over the past 4 months but has come back even stronger as a player and as a young man.  Gus is a pleasure to coach as he is so easy to work with.  He has a great sense of humour and listens to every word both I and his team mates say to him as he is always looking to learn and to improve. Gus is always congratulated and recognised by his fellow players and all of the other parents for his brilliant attitude to his football both at training and then on a match day.

Jack Petchey Award – March 2015 Winner

Mia Fortuna (Under 11 Roses)

Feb 2015 (Toby)

Jack Petchey Award – February 2015 Winner

Toby Cole (Under 12 Athletic)

Jan 2015 (Kai)

Jack Petchey Award – January 2015 Winner

Kai Cross (Under 12 Sabres)

Nov 2014

Jack Petchey Award – November 2014 Winner

Sam Sevenoaks (Senior Spartans)

JOct 2014ack Petchey Award – October 2014 Winner

Daniel Truss (Under 15 Titans)

Sept 2014

Jack Petchey Award – Sept 2014 Winner

Luke Molloy (Under 14 Warriors)

Jack Petchey Award – April 2014 Winner

Sam Lilburn (Saturday Soccer Club & Under 14 Spartans)

Jack Petchey Award – March 2014 Winner

Ollie Bass (Under 21’s) receiving his award from Carl Leaburn at our end of season presentation.


Jack Petchey Award – Febuaray 2014 Winner

Gary Russell (Under 9 Valliants)

Oct 2013Jack Petchey Award – October 2013 Winner

Eni Ogunfemi (Under 12 Sabres)