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Jack Petchey Gold Award for October 2018

Congratulations to Habib the coach of the under 15 Roses who is the winner of the Jack Petchey gold award for October 18. Coach Clive said  “Habib is the coach that helps me with the U15 Roses Girls most Saturdays and some midweek sessions. He has assisted me now for over a year and despite being deaf and the communication challenges this posses at times, he always contributes where he is able. I give him various tasks and he undertakes these without complaint. He assists with clearing up and is a popular flexible member of the Coaching group – an asset to the Roses.”

Congratulations Habib on receiving this month Jack Petchey gold award.

Jack Petchey Silver Award for October 2018

Congratulations to Megan of the under 16 girls who is the winner of the Jack Petchey silver award for October 18. Coach John said “Megan has grown to be a big part of this team, which is shown through her passion on and off the pitch. In matches and training she gives everything and has over the last few months started playing not only for herself but for the team. She has started to believe in herself more and more which rubs off on the team, it’s fantastic to see such changes in players. She is always early for training and helps to put the goals up and has an opinion on most things from what training will be to our next game. There is so much more to this young lady I could mention but I’d be quite a while! I’d just like to thank her for all her hard work, as players like her make the coaches jobs a little easier.”

Congratulation Megan on receiving this month Jack Petchey silver award.

Jack Petchey Award for June 2018

Regan is pictured receiving the Jack Petchey Award for June from his Manager. Playing for Junior Reds since the age of 6, Regan always attends training and is the first to help set up and tidy up. He is the first to welcome new boys to the team and help them to settle in. This season, Regan has been working as a young career on Sundays, but he still turns up for the second half of each game and still gives his all to the team. He leads by example both on and off the pitch, giving his all every weekend. Regan has signed up for another season, which means he will have represented Junior Reds for over 11 years.

Congratulations Regan from all at the club.

Jack Petchey Award for May 2018

Congratulations to Harry from our U16 Spartans who is a deserved winner of the Jack Petchey Gold Award for May.

His Coach commented “Harry has been taking training sessions when I am unable to do so. Two weeks ago, we had a serious injury during a game. Harry took over the organisation of the team, dealt with half time team talk and substitutions, changed the formation and we came back from 2-0 down to win 2-4. This enabled me to give first aid to Tommy and then eventually take him to hospital”.

Congratulations Harry from all at the club.

Jack Petchey Girls Award – April 2018

Congratulations to Georgia from our U14 Robins on receiving the Jack Petchey Award for April.

Manager Yusuf said, “Georgia shows great talent with the ball during training and matches. Good striker of the ball, technically great, creative too. She’s always taking on board information during training, whether it’s technical, positional or tactical information and working on it straight away. I have no doubt she can play any level she wants to or thrive in anything she puts her mind to. She has a great attitude to team work and working hard. Often after training she’ll take a ball and practise her freekicks and penalties. Sometimes reserved but always a big part of the team on and off the pitch. A real leader on the pitch with her skill, creativity, work rate and attitude.”

Congratulations Georgia from all at Junior Reds FC.

Jack Petchey Award for April 2018

Congratulations to Hubert from our U15 Titans who is the recipient of the Jack Petchey Award for April.

His Coaches commented “Hubert has been with the team for 8 years. He is the team Captain and sets an example to all the players in terms of commitment in training and matches. He is always punctual, guides the team through the warm-up exercises, and offers constant guidance and encouragement to everyone throughout their matches. Hubert is also a fun person to be with, he’s passionate about what he does, with an adventurous personality.”

Congratulations Hubert from all at Junior Reds FC.

Jack Petchey Award for March 2018

Congratulations to Tommy from our U16 Spartans for winning the Jack Petchey Award for March. His Coach said “Tommy has been my vice captain for league games this year and plays in central defence. In addition to his hard work and commitment on the pitch Tommy has been an asset in supporting coaching the team. As a new team at the beginning of the season we were conceding more goals than we should and Tommy suggested a change of tactics which was instrumental in improving our defensive play and significantly reduced the number of goals being conceded. In addition to this when I have been unable to take training on Saturday mornings due to work commitments Tommy has stepped forward and taken the training sessions and planned his own coaching drills.”

Well done Tommy from all at Junior Reds FC.

Jack Petchey Girls Award – March 2018

Mariam a member of the Under 14 Girls Roses. – received the Jack Petchey Silver Girls award for March during a recent training session. Team Manager, Clive said “Mariam has a first class attitude in always giving her very best at training and in matches. She shows respect and values to all her colleagues, is very sociable and sets the highest standards in sportsmanship. Mariam assists me in the clear up with equipment and even volunteered to clean our training bibs – a very special task! Mariam is an excellent role model for the other girls in the team.”

Mariam has been an ever present in the team this season taking part in all 21 games to date.

Congratulations from all at Junior Reds.

Jack Petchey Award for Feb 2018

Well done to Aaron (pictured below) of the under 15 Warriors, winner of this months gold Jack Petchey award.

Coach Steve said “ Aaron is my captain, who plays as a central defender for the team. Not only does he use his mouth more than other players on the field, holding lines and motivating the other players is also an integral part of the training sessions. He sends me drill ideas throughout the week and details of positions and play, but also assists with stabilising the team. Aaron is a real credit to the team and I am proud to have him as my captain.“

Congratualtions on your award Aaron from all at Junior Reds FC

Jack Petchey Award Girls for Feb 2018

Congratulations to Freya of the under 12 girls team, who is the this months Jack Petchey Girls award winner.

Coach Bob says “ Freya is a ray of optimism and sunshine no matter what the weather. She is a best friend and inspirational to everyone in the team. A leader from the front, one hundred per cent is the normal starting point for Freya. She is a constant source of entertainment, never complains and always plays for the team.”

Well done Freya from all at Junior Reds FC